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My first attempt at a Reader Insert fanfic…Yeah, this is kind of based off a manga I read…Though, I kinda forgot the title… -///-; Enjoy~
Oh, and this kind of takes place around the time Britain was ruled by kings and queens, you know, all that jazz. I won't bother giving a specific date because I don't wanna get the date wrong…


Ch: 1: The Bride


For as long as I could remember,
I have always hated one type of flower-
Their scent always made me want to hurl, and I would immediately start to cry.
For as long as I could remember,
I have always hated roses.


As you slowly opened your eyes, you took in the scene before you. The walls were colored a very exquisite beige color, and portraits hung on the wall. The light emanating through the open window offered little warmth, and even the thick white bed sheets couldn't warm you up- You felt very cold. The shine from your (e/c) eyes were gone; you felt very empty. As you turned to your side, you could feel the damp spot on your pillow; from all the tears you had cried the previous night.

'…I can't back down anymore…' You thought, clutching the pillow with all your might as you fought to suppress the tears that threatened to fall. You missed all the noise, all the shouting, all the ruckus- you missed your family. The way they would wake you up, the way they would come crying to you, the way they would always force a smile for you-even if they were slowly dying from starvation.

"_____! Wake up, _______!"
"The landlord is here today!"
"What'll we do?"

"I'm sorry…" You managed a whisper. Then, events prior to that day started flashing through your mind.

-The day before-

"Sis, Sis, wake up!" a small child voice rang through your head as you felt your body being shaken. Your eyes flutter open and as your vision starts to clear up, you could make out the worried look on your younger brother's face.
"(B/N)? What's wrong?" You asked as you sat up, stretching out your arms.
"I-It's daddy…" He stuttered. Immediately, your eyes widened and you jumped out of your bed; which just consisted of the hardwood floor and a quilt. Quickly following after your little brother, you two make your way into the small living room, where your father laid. Old age was getting to him as his face was now showing wrinkles and his hair started to show signs of silver locks among his (h/c) hair. Making way for you, your little sister got up from her spot so that you were right in font of your father. Kneeling down, you slowly took his wrinkled and delicate hand into your own and force a small smile.
"D-Daddy? How are you feeling?" You knew you couldn't cry. If you had cried, you knew your little siblings would cry as well; and it broke your heart when they did. You had to be strong, for your family's sake.
"_-______?" He coughed out. When he opened his eyes, you could see his dull (e/c) eyes. The color from his face was drained, leaving behind a pale ghostly color. When he saw that it was you who was holding him, he lightly squeezed your hand and lightly smiled.
"_______, (B/N), (S/N)....Please forgive me…" He begged as tears started to form around his eyes. Before coming down with a sickness, your father was never one to actually cry. Seeing him in the state that he was, it was too much for you to bare. A huge lump had formed inside your throat, preventing you from even speaking. Minutes passed before you managed to whisper a few words.
"Forgive you for what?"
"…I wasn't able to provide for you…"

You lowered your head as you couldn't bare to look at him straight in the eye. The house you lived in was barely enough for the four of you. Your father slept on the concrete floor located in the living room. You and all your siblings lived in the other room, having to share one bed. The money your father had saved was running out and it would only be a matter of time before you were to pay rent for the house. Your clothes were a bit tattered and dirty, but other than that, they looked in perfect condition. They had to, they were the only out of 3 other clothes you had.

"Don't be silly, daddy." You forced yourself to speak up. As he noticed the strained look on your face, he placed his hand on your cheek and started to rub off the small dirt speck with his thumb.
"_______..." He spoke softly. "I hate to…leave you like this…but I think…It's almost time….for me to-"
"D-Don't talk like that." You placed a finger on his lip. "I-I'll just get the doctor to come check on you. Y-You're going to be alright."
"_-_______..." He watched as you slowly lifted yourself up from the cold floor and head out the door. Your little siblings then decided to follow after you, leaving your father alone on the floor.


"_______! Where are you going?" Your little brother asked as he had to basically run just to keep up with the pace you were walking in.
"Where do you think?" You replied quickly as you turned the corner of a building, only to bump into a man. Now on the cold stone concrete, you looked up and saw it was the doctor, who looked as if he was heading out somewhere.
"Doctor!" You cried for joy as you lifted yourself off the floor. "Oh thank you god, you're still here! Listen, my father-"
"I cannot help you." He spoke firmly and his words stabbed you right on the back. You silently stood there as he glared at you, wondering if you were going to take a hint and leave him be. You shook off your feelings as you bravely began to speak once more.
"Why not?" You asked as you desperately grabbed his arm. In that instant, his eyes were filled with rage as he removed your hand on his arm and held on to your wrist tightly.
"I'm sick and tired of your father not paying for my services." He growled. "I expect to be paid by next month, Miss (L/N)."
"But my father, he's dying!" You shouted, forgetting about the immense pain that shot through your wrist. He threw your arm away and started walking away; but not before he delivered one final blow.
"I don't care, I still expect my payment."

"Y-You jerk!" You shouted, making the man freeze in his tracks. People started to gather around the scene as you started shouting towards the doctor.
"How can you say that! My father is dying and all you can think about is money?!" You glared at the back of the man, who still refused to look back at you. He lowered his gaze as he noticed that others were starting to whisper and stare at him.
"Fine! Fine!" Your shouting continued as you took your siblings hands in your own and started to walk away. "I don't need your help! I'll find someone else!"


"Sis? I'm hungry…" Your little sister complained as you dragged her down the street with you, looking for another doctor in town. You squeezed her hand and you softly spoke. "I know…I know…"
After walking miles and miles, you slumped down on the floor, finally giving up on your quest. Tears began to fall as you stared at the floor, dreading the lingering feeling of hopelessness. You began to wildly sob as you lifted your head and started shouting to people for help.
"Somebody! Somebody please help me!" You shouted through your tears. "I-I need someone to help my father! He's dying! PLEASE!"
Shouting until your throat started to hurt, you noticed that people only glanced at you before walking off on their merry way. You then shouted the one phrase that would turn the tables around.

"Is that so?" A voice spoke up. Glancing towards the direction the voice sounded from, your (e/c) eyes met with a pair of green eyes. The man started to walk towards you, and all you could do was stare at him. You noticed his shaggy blonde hair and his unusual eyebrows. As he knelt down so the two of you were eye to eye, a small smile donned his face as he began to speak once more.

"Well then, how about we make a deal, love?"


That's it for this chappie…I will only continue if you guys want me too…Imma go now… :wave:
This is my first time actually submitting a reader insert...>///< :icononionfailplz: It turned out very crappy.
:lol: Meh, there's always room for improvement....I think....Then again, I'm a hopeless cause...:iconitsfreezingplz:

My grammar and spelling aren't the greatest out there...I know...-////-; Oh, like it said at the bottom, I'm not really going to continue this unless you want me to. :XD: (Man, this story is destined to be a love triangle...Does that mean I have to change the tittle? :iconcuriosityplz: )
Anyway, I'm just glad to be finally posting something up...:iconrelievedplz:
Anyway, yus, that was Arthur who showed up...:lol: Am I mean, or what? (leaving it at the moment the two of you met)

______= Your name
(e/c)= Eye color
(B/N)= Brother's name
(S/N)= Sister's name
(L/N)= Last name

Well, nothing much to say except....pickles! :D :XD:

Hetalia (C) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (C) Yourself, your parents, or anyone you want... :iconsmartyplz:
Story (C) ~SapphireYuki-Sama
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