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APA: Youngershipping snippet
The raven haired Latias sat beside the raven haired Minun. Both said nothing as they stared into the starry sky. The chill of the night didn’t seem to bother either Pokemon as they enjoyed each other’s company in silence. The Minun felt as though something wasn’t right. He and a couple of others had decided to help their old friend by helping her search for her missing brother. It seemed that the missing Latios was all she could think about. Every sighting people have said had always sparked a flame in her eyes- only for the flame to be doused when there appears to be no sign he was ever there. This has been going for roughly a month now and it was starting to show signs of wear on her. Her smile was starting to fade once more and she began to separate herself from the group. She would only speak when spoken to and she would disappear at random night just to sit in a tree and stare at the night sky.
“Can I ask why you’re here tonight?” Her voice rang
:iconsapphirewingsyuki:SapphireWingsYuki 2 1
PKMN-SC: Faith by SapphireWingsYuki PKMN-SC: Faith :iconsapphirewingsyuki:SapphireWingsYuki 14 7 Next Gen Contest Entry: Wendy and William Weston by SapphireWingsYuki Next Gen Contest Entry: Wendy and William Weston :iconsapphirewingsyuki:SapphireWingsYuki 21 4 Cartoon Aunt's Contest: Miyuki by SapphireWingsYuki Cartoon Aunt's Contest: Miyuki :iconsapphirewingsyuki:SapphireWingsYuki 13 18 PKMN: Challenge ft. David by SapphireWingsYuki PKMN: Challenge ft. David :iconsapphirewingsyuki:SapphireWingsYuki 14 17 DK: Watching the Autumn leaves by SapphireWingsYuki DK: Watching the Autumn leaves :iconsapphirewingsyuki:SapphireWingsYuki 16 24 Gift: Ghosty and Miyuki by SapphireWingsYuki Gift: Ghosty and Miyuki :iconsapphirewingsyuki:SapphireWingsYuki 10 6 Minecraft Skin by SapphireWingsYuki Minecraft Skin :iconsapphirewingsyuki:SapphireWingsYuki 11 15
DK: Caitlyn's Nightmare
Caitlyn gasped lightly as she quickly sat from her sleeping bag. She took in small quick breaths as her heart rate was about the same as her breathing. Small beads of sweat rolled down beside her cheeks as she placed a hand over her chest and tried to lower her heart beat. She began to breath at a slower rate until she felt she was calm enough to breath normally. Looking over to her side, she could see her pink Digimon partner sleeping peacefully.
"...Geeze." She whispered to herself. Letting out a silent sigh, she plopped back down onto her pillow and stared at the top of her tent. She tried closing her eyes to see if she could slowly drift back to sleep, but the harder she tried the less it was effective. Finally, she gave up and decided to step out of her tent. Quietly and slowly maneuvering her way around Lalamon she left the small tent.
She looked around and saw that most of her teammates and friends were asleep. She felt rather alone at that moment. Clutching herself, she walked
:iconsapphirewingsyuki:SapphireWingsYuki 1 2
HP AU: Last break-up by SapphireWingsYuki HP AU: Last break-up :iconsapphirewingsyuki:SapphireWingsYuki 8 4 NG: Ritsuka Reacting by SapphireWingsYuki NG: Ritsuka Reacting :iconsapphirewingsyuki:SapphireWingsYuki 8 2 NH: Happy expression Ritsuka by SapphireWingsYuki NH: Happy expression Ritsuka :iconsapphirewingsyuki:SapphireWingsYuki 10 2 SS: Kiss Daniel by SapphireWingsYuki SS: Kiss Daniel :iconsapphirewingsyuki:SapphireWingsYuki 4 4 SS: Roleplay Invite - Daniel by SapphireWingsYuki SS: Roleplay Invite - Daniel :iconsapphirewingsyuki:SapphireWingsYuki 4 10 SS: Daniel and Bel by SapphireWingsYuki SS: Daniel and Bel :iconsapphirewingsyuki:SapphireWingsYuki 9 17 Caitlyn sketch by SapphireWingsYuki Caitlyn sketch :iconsapphirewingsyuki:SapphireWingsYuki 14 8
These are my arts and Fanfics... they may not be good, but hey, I'm proud to have drawn/typed them! :salute:



Next Kiribian 70,000
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:iconcutiesmileplz: I have a shit ton of stuff to reply to//shot.

Okay, first of all- I will not be drawing for a while. My tablet is broken. Doesn't work properly, does funny little things, whatever. So, since I am a poor person I cannot afford another one. I have gotten used to doing digital work that doing traditional is a little hard. xD

:aww: As people could tell from my last update I was super upset. Why? Because Bleach ended in one of the worst endings of all. I mean, I am bitter that Ichigo choose Orihime but that isn't the root of my bitterness. They all did something they said they would do- Chad is boxing, Uryuu is a doctor, Orihime is a stay at home mom, and Ichigo is normal. What kind of ending is that? Why end it with a couple that is nonexistent in Japan? 

:iconcutiesmileplz: I shall now ignore that part of me because I do not wanna go on a rant. Anywho, I want someone to work with me. You see, before my tablet broke down, I was able to finish (nearly) everything from one small picture. I wish for someone to just color it in for me. If you are interested, shoot me a note or something! :3

School. On Monday. Yay.

And that about covers everything I had to say. :meow:
  • Listening to: Tokyo Mirage Sessions songs
  • Reading: Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes
  • Watching: Ore Monogatari
  • Playing: Tokyo Mirage Sessions: FE
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Water


The raven haired Latias sat beside the raven haired Minun. Both said nothing as they stared into the starry sky. The chill of the night didn’t seem to bother either Pokemon as they enjoyed each other’s company in silence. The Minun felt as though something wasn’t right. He and a couple of others had decided to help their old friend by helping her search for her missing brother. It seemed that the missing Latios was all she could think about. Every sighting people have said had always sparked a flame in her eyes- only for the flame to be doused when there appears to be no sign he was ever there. This has been going for roughly a month now and it was starting to show signs of wear on her. Her smile was starting to fade once more and she began to separate herself from the group. She would only speak when spoken to and she would disappear at random night just to sit in a tree and stare at the night sky.

“Can I ask why you’re here tonight?” Her voice rang out of nowhere and her deep amethyst colored eyes glanced over to him. “Usually you’re asleep by this time, Ace.”
“I’m keeping you company.” His reply was short and to the point. He had no real reason as to why he ended up sitting down with her, however he felt the need to just say something as to not be rude.
“I don’t need your company.” She sighed and averted her gaze. “Just go back with the others.”
“Don’t be ridiculous, Tsukihime.” He spoke a little firmly this time. “It’s fun to spend time with others and stare at the sky.”
“If you feel that strongly then how about you spend it with Min or Kaede.” She retorted. Deciding that he was probably going to stay regardless of what she said, she lept off the branch and slowly descended to the ground. Ace simply watched as she safely landed and followed suit. He quickly climbed down the tree and landed beside her. Dusting himself off quickly, he ran to catch up to her as she was walking away.

“Do you have a problem with me?” He spoke as he walked past her and placed himself in front of her, causing her to stop in her tracks.
“Excuse me?” Her eyebrow raised in confusion.
“It seems that whenever the two of us are alone, you do or say just about anything to try to get rid of me.”

“You’re clearly just seeing things-”
“Really? Because to me it’s been crystal clear.” Ace argued. “What is it about me that you dislike? Just tell me already. I can’t go on pretending that we’re friends when you clearly don’t think that way.”
“It’s just how I am right now!” Tsukihime shouted, the tone of her voice changing drastically and her eyes filled with rage. It was an image that was new to the Minun as he had never seen her this upset. “Of course we’re still friends! There isn’t anything wrong with you!”

“Ace, I’ve changed.” Her voice was starting to calm down after taking in a few deep breaths. “I’m not the same as I was a year ago. I’m only half of what I was- and that’s why I’m searching for my other half.”
“This isn’t about Tetsuya.” He sighed. “I remember when you used to confide in me. We would spend our time talking about one another to each other. You would always come to me when you were upset or when you needed someone to talk to. You would always greet me with a smile.”
“And now… Now you’re the opposite. You avoid me whenever you can, you only talk to me when I speak, and you’ve kept so many things away from me I feel as though I don’t know you anymore.”

“I’m doing this for your own good.” Tsukihime spoke firmly. The look in her eyes changed from rage into, well, Ace couldn’t quite read them anymore. “I’ve kept you and everyone else at a distance… because I care about you guys. I’m not-”
“That isn’t true.” Ace cut her off. “Why is Seiichi an exception?”

Tsukihime took a step back before freezing in place. She wasn’t expecting a quick response from him and honestly she had no idea how to reply back. She wanted to explain everything but she knew she couldn’t. She’d have to explain Kain and everything that has happened so far- she knew if she did that they’d try to confront him. That was the thing she wanted to avoid- not only because of their safety but the safety of her father as well. After the landslide incident that nearly killed him, Seiichi came face to face with Kain who told him everything. When Seiichi regained consciousness, he wanted nothing more than to storm over to her place and take on Kain. Of course, Tsukihime was able to convince him otherwise and asked that he not tell anyone. Thus far, he has kept to his word but it seems as though the pressure of it all was starting to eat away at his conscious. He talked about how horrible he felt about having to keep something from Min and it’s come to a point where he nearly told her. He held back however after he realized that if she told him not only would she suffer from having to keep it a secret from everybody but she could be a potential target for Kain.

“He isn’t-”
“Oh please.” Ace sighed. “Don’t try and tell me that I’m just seeing things again. I know I’m not.”
“Ever since he got into the landslide accident, it seems you’ve been talking to him more frequently.”
“I was worried about-”
“Are you sure that’s all there was to it?”
“What?” Tsukihime was caught off guard yet again.
“It sees to me as though you still have feelings for Seiichi.” He spoke harshly.

Both stood there frozen in place. Tsukihime felt her chest tighten and her eyes began to feel watery. Somehow when Ace said that… it hurt. The accusation alone was hurtful but the manner of which he said it made it sting even worse. The fact that it was Ace who just bluntly said it also didn’t help. Ace could see that she was starting to cry and immediately started to regret what he had said. He didn’t know what had come over him as to blur out something so harsh at her.

“If you still have feelings for him I suggest-” Ace couldn’t control what he was saying all of a sudden but it didn’t matter because as soon as he started to talk, he felt a sting across his cheek. The slap alone was enough to stop him in his tracks and for that he was a bit grateful but he knew that the damage was already said and done.

“How can you stand there and accuse me of such a thing?” Tsukihime glared at him as her tears finally started to pour out. Her cheeks flushed red over the embarrassment and anger she felt. “I admit, I was once in love with Seiichi. You know this! I poured out my feelings of him to you years ago! But he’s with Min now and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make sure both are happy!”

“I would never try to come in between him and the girl he loves with all his heart!” She started to shout from the top of her lungs. “So even if you thought for one second that I would do something so devious… then… then….”

“...Then I guess you don’t know me as well as I thought you did.” Her voice broke and she took off. He could hear her sobbing as she flew off but didn’t turn his gaze away from the floor until he couldn’t hear her crying anymore.
APA: Youngershipping snippet
I just wanted to post something. :3 I honestly don't know if it'll be within the actual story, so that is why I posted it. :D

Ace, Kaede, and Min (c) SolAlli
Tsukihime, Kain, Tetsuya, Seiichi, and story (c) SapphireWingsYuki
PKMN-SC: Faith

Name: Faith

Age: 21

Species: #700 Sylveon

Orientation: Demisexual

Class: Kitsune

Kingdom/Affiliation: Ethovalon

Total Experience: N/A

Total Gold: N/A

Hold Item: Beaststone


-Quick Attack: Once transformed, Faith runs to her enemies and launches an attack.

-Draining Kiss: If Faith gets close enough, she will plant a quick kiss on her victim. She will always kiss them in the cheek or the forehead.

-Moon Blast:  Faith gathers energy and forms it into an energy ball. She then hurls it to her opponent.

-Last Resort: If all else fails, Faith will use last resort. She lunges towards her enemies in a full body attack, giving it all her strength.

Ability: Cute Charm

Nature: Naive

Characteristic: Highly Curious

Weapon Rank: E

Skills: None


Attack: 2

Defence: 1

Magic Attack: 1

Resistance: 1

Luck: 2

Skill: 1

Speed: 2

Inventory: Beaststone | Vulnary

Personality: When it comes to her friends, Faith is very caring towards them. Most of her friends would also tell you that she is rather loyal to those she manages to befriend. Most of the adults she grew up with managed remained her friend even towards adulthood. Due to the fact she was raised within the clan basically her entire life, she began to be a little more curious about stuff other than the Kitsune. Due to her sheltered life, Faith is rather naive about anything other than Kitsunes. There are times she can be rather blunt as she sees no reason to lie to anyone who always asks for her opinion. Faith is easily distracted by shiny object, which is why she’s rather forgetful of things prior. Faith is very outgoing and has a rather carefree attitude.

History: Faith was born and raised in a tight knit clan of kitsunes. Her mother and father named her Faith as she was their only child that had survived from the other 2 miscarriages. As she was their only daughter, both her parents kept a very tight leash on her. Her parents were barely new to parenthood, and seeing the other two die before they ever got a chance to live left them broken. However, when Faith was born the two vowed they would do whatever they could to protect her as they didn't want to go through the suffering over a lost child. Faith was only to mingle with others of her kind within the clan she lived in. Faith never let this bother her though- she understood why they kept her so close. Faith made friends with pretty much anyone who interacted with her. Her family wasn't very wealthy, so it was rare for her to see things like jewelry around the house. During her playtime with a couple of friends, Faith ended up entranced by a shiny rock that was in a rushing river. She tried her hardest to fish it out and just as it seemed like she was reaching her goal, her father ended up picking her up. He ended up giving her a scolding due to the fact she could have drowned. While she was sorry for what she had almost done, she couldn't let go of the mesmerizing shine. He eventually caved and fished it out for her, and thus, a small collection was born.

On her 21st birthday, Faith asked to be allowed to visit a nearby town. The trio got into a very heated argument until they agreed, under the condition that her father be with her. Both got their stuff ready and headed out- in the great distance a small city could be seen. Faith enjoyed her time in the town, watching people fish, sell fruits, and many other things. Out of the corner of her eye, something glimmered in the distance. Curiosity got the better of her as she left her father’s side and followed the light.Unbeknownst to her, she was lured into a small bandit hideout. The bandits in question wanted to capture the small Kitsune and see how much she could be sold for. Faith wasn’t shaken by the fact they were armed and merely thought they were random people who liked to hang around in caves. She smiled politely and began a small chatter to them but was taken aback when one of the bandits swung a knife to her. Following her instincts, she transformed and began to fight her way out.

It was around this time that the Ethovalon army were making their way towards the same town Faith and her father had visited. They were passing by the forest when they started to hear fighting noises from somewhere. Everyone followed the sound until they stumbled upon a rather ominous cave. Treking in carefully, they stumbled upon the same group of bandits holding down a very tired Faith. Her energy was running low and as such she untransformed from her Kitsune form. The group of bandits were already weak enough as is but couldn't let their pride get scared any more, so they stood their ground and faught the army. After the dust settled, Faith thanked everyone for what they had done for her. Her father had somehow managed to find Faith and was ready to take her home. However, Faith decided to put her foot down.

After 21 years of being sheltered her whole life, she had enough. She wanted to go out and see the world. She wanted to make more friends, she wanted to see the sea, she wanted to do it all. Both argued back and forth until the Ethovalon army stepped in. They assured their father that she would be okay if she traveled with them. While initially put off by the fact that they were an army, he knew that there was no point in trying to talk Faith out of it. Once everything was said and done, Faith was welcomed into the army with open arms; to which she is thankful to this day.

Relationships: N/A


  • Gets distracted by shiny things fairly easily.

  • She loves to take naps underneath trees on a nice sunny day.

  • She’s allergic to sunflowers.

  • She doesn’t eat too many sweets as she prefers more spicy snacks.

  • Her tail is smaller than usual, but you can spot it if you look at her from behind.

  • Faith is most likely to drag you off with her on a small adventure if you’ve gained her trust.

  • Doesn’t take kindly to people wearing anything that resembles fur. Best to show her that it’s fake fur.

:iconsweatplz: Took a while, but I finished it. :iconcutiesmileplz: Here she is, my character Faith. She's so pink; I love it~ :heart:

Application done by (c) Minish-Mae
Art and character (c) SapphireWingsYuki
Next Gen Contest Entry: Wendy and William Weston

Decided to do something with that underused baby. xD LOL. I love making babies, so, why not? :3


Both Wes and Virgil were in the basketball club, thus the two met there. Virgil, like many others, had a hard time believing Wes when it came to ghosts and Danny. It came to the point where Virgil began to tease the living s**t out of said red-head. Wes had a hard time believing that Virgil didn't have diabetes or something from the millions of candies he sees the raven haired boy with. Both had a small rivalry in the court, as the two wanted to prove above all who was superior when it came to the sport (Virgil would never win and he blames this on Wes' height).

Once the two gradated from high school, both started to attend college. While Wes continued his career in basketball, Virgil lost his interest. Virgil was in a lot of pressure from his own parents to succeed in life and focus on a stable career and make enough money to live comfortably. Virgil, out of not wanting to disappoint his parents, decided to get a career in business management. Both met when Virgil was having a mental crisis due to the stress of work, college, and his family. Virgil was out on the Basketball field figuring out his life when Wes decided to chime in. Both started to reminisce about their days in high school.
After the whole scenario both Virgil and Wes became friends. They would hang around and Virgil would come to him whenever he would start to feel all the pressure again. It took a lot of talking but Wes managed to convince Virgil to think of a career where he would be happy. Virgil then discussed the situation with his parents, and while they might not have been happy about their son's decision, they let him be. Now free from such stress, Virgil began to take on a career he had wanted to pursue but he wasn't quite sure of- Culinary Arts.

Both began to question their relationship to one another when both woke up in bed together. The previous night was filled with nothing but partying and drinks, so the two have no recollection how they got there. While Virgil had no problem about admitting his bisexuality and attraction to Wes, Wes was a little hesitant. Both ended up separating for a while but still saw one another in campus. Virgil decided that he wanted to prove to Wes that he was serious about his feelings for him.
Virgil started to do stupid (in a cute way) things to show his feelings for Wes. Wes on the other hand would simply watch the idiot and all his stupidity from afar. After a while, Virgil began to stop his little antics and focus on his career. Before he took off to a culinary school located in France, he gave Wes a family ring his father gave him. Virgil made a promise that the two would meet again and that he hopes by then Wes has figured out what he felt for him. Virgil also stated that if Wes didn't feel the same for him that he would understand and leave him be.

A few years passed and once Virgil and Wes came back from the respected countries they had studied in, Virgil was surprised to see that Wes came back with a girl he met in Spain. Both Wes and the girl ended up getting into a relationship while Wes was in Spain and she decided to move in with him. Virgil wanted to accept their relationship but he still felt something for Wes. Both maintained a somewhat awkward relationship with one another- Wes slowly started to realize how he actually felt about Virgil. Wes' girlfriend on the other hand wasn't too thrilled about how close the two were. One day, she had enough and asked Wes to choose between her or keeping his friendship with Virgil.
When Virgil learned about his now ex-girlfriend was leaving back home, he began to question Wes on what had happened. Wes needed a little more time to accept his feelings for Virgil- but after a few weeks he decided that he would be willing to give Virgil a shot.
Years passed and the two finally decided, after having been married for a year or so, that they would want to start a family of their own. Virgil convinced Wes to adopt instead of having a surrogate mother as to give a child or two a little bit of happiness. The first orphanage they found was where the two met Eliza and Elijah.


Eliza and Elijah are twins who lost their parents in a place crash when they were younger. Both ended up in the orphanage when their uncle was found incapable of providing for the little ones. The two now only have one another and never got to make friends with the other children of the orphanage. Eliza was the type of girl who was shy and spent most of her time crying. Elijah on the other hand would get into small altercation with the other children because they would either pick on him or his sister. One day, the two of them met two men who were looking to adopt children of their own.

Wes and Virgil took an interest in both Eliza and Elijah due to the fact they were the only ones out of the children who seemed so distant from them. Virgil ended up befriending little Elijah because he's had experience with younger children whom had quite the attitude to them. Wes on the other hand couldn't immediately connect with him but he was able to connect with Eliza rather quickly. Elijah ended up overhearing the director of the orphanage and the couple discussing about a possible adoption of Eiza. Elijah, having thought that they were going to separate the two of them, ran away from the orphanage.
When the Wes and Virgil realized that Elijah had run off, Wes decided to go search for him while Virgil stayed behind to comfort a crying Eliza. While her brother was being located, Eliza begged Virgil not to separate them. She began to shout how they only had one another and they didn't want to leave one another only to have Virgil assure her that they had no intention of leaving with only one. Wes finally found Elijah at the park and was on an old swing. The two talked for what seemed like an hour or so until they both arrived back at the orphanage.


Wendy "Eliza" Weston: Finally grown out of her cry baby phase, Wendy grew up to be a bright and kind young lady. Her cheerful personality is able to light up any dark atmosphere and she helps those in need. Wendy isn't in the popular groups like her brother is- mostly because she believes that not everything is balck and white. She doesn't like the idea of teenagers dividing one another because of their social status. She is friends with a girl who would be considered a freak because she comes from a different state and she's also a goth- Miria. Wendy attends all of her brother's basketball games and in return he attends her plays. Wendy is part of the drama club and if often cast of female leading roles due to her charms. She has also grown up to be daddy's little girl, often favoring Wes more than anything. She understands that both her fathers tend to be busy but she doesn't mind. So long as she spends some time with them, she is happy.

William "Elijah" Weston: William was finally able to experience the love and care he had been longing for and grew up to be an exceptional young man. He doesn't need to say much to make his presence known. While he may be a little rough around the edges, he still has a rather understanding personality about him. He may be within the popular circle but he honestly wouldn't care less if he wasn't. He had a hard time admitting he liked basketball (mostly cause he's a freaking tsundere and didn't want his fathers to find out he started playing the game in the first place to have something in common with them), and is now the captain. William has two friends- Sally and Ronald. Sally is the type of girl you'll see wearing the latest in fashion while Ronald is the kid that knows everyone and is the chillest guy to hang around with. The three balance one another out even if others tend to chime in how weird their group is. Elijah is particularly close to Virgil as opposed to Wes.

Fun Little Facts:

*Wes was the one who decided to change their names but decided to make their original names as their middle name.
*Miria's father owns a barber shop and was the one who convinced both Wendy and WIlliam to change the color of their hairs.
*Wendy chose to dye her hair to resemble Wes, while William chose the colors Virgil had during his high school days.
*Sally is actually bisexual and has a small crush on Wendy.
*Ronald also has a crush on Wendy.
*William finds it a little weird how both his friends have a crush on his sister but he just simply lets it be.


Does this seem like a clusterf--k of information? I'm sorry. =u=; Hopefully it's not too long and boring.

Wes (c) CartoonFreakshow
Virgil, Wendy, William, and art (c) SapphireWingsYuki
Cartoon Aunt's Contest: Miyuki
CartoonFreakshow 's Aunt is hosting a contest to see an OC.

Seeing as how I am all about drawing my Ocs I decided to enter~:heart:

Okie dokie, so this is my OC Miyuki whom is based off of my current Minecraft skin.

She's all about being the older sister kind of girl who is obsessed with finding diamonds in caves. However, she is usually the unlucky one and just ends up finding creepers and lava.

:iconsweatplz: So yeah, that's it. I mean I could probably say more but eh, the person judging isn't looking for backstory.... -tries to hide the fact she is simply lazy-

Art (c) SapphireWingsYuki

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